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Related article: Date : Tue, June 16, 2009 January 03. 53 -0700 ( PDT ) From: Ami u003camias05 yahoo. com u003e Subject : Brief Encounters Chapter 28 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimateImagination and therefore able to create our own fantasies Friends usually based and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file, so that if forrmatting or punctuation go turn the tide, now I know why ! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias05 yahoo. com ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** Chapter 28 - Rub-a -dub -dub is Simon confused. Appeared in recent days have passed in a flash , and with them new experiences, both good and bad. In the afternoon break that featured 15 minutes for yourself and think through, especially as their next job and was hired by Tom and Alex. He walked to the back of the courtyard and sat on a small wall the road, pulling the bike took things to think. He had previously provided n the idea of ​​sex as a mechanical Be pampered at every opportunity that arises. He was now ready to begin shows that n parallel with the feelings of the other sex and emotions he really did not understand. The most notable in the strong bond developed with Tom and Alex. Originally, the n is purely sexual relationship, but now it became an intense friendship Simon thought it almost like a little brother! Of course, , but they expect honesty in all matters, including their sexual exploits n and it was this aspect that is currently on the heart. But it was her relationship with her brother, the art had flourished really. Simon clear that the most likely, some error in calculating the type of action, when in fact kind of thinking that he was only doing what he thought Big Brother to do in order to discover their brothers for yourself! Just the fact that now that they embraced and had offered to share their artThe use of the previous, very private sexual world was proof enough. But despite what Simon knew that he was also a key player in a complete embarrassment to kind of actual plan, which had stolen other young boy inside ! Of course, it seemed a good idea at the time, but now Simon wanted the art of justice in general, who had planned to protect. The same evening, Simon is willing to search and theft of your own kind of underwear No show scheduled for Wednesday! I did not know what to do , and one could hardly say, Tom and Alex at this late stage he wanted, a fall. On the other hand, Simon was fascinated by the kind of sex life and unhindered masturbation sessions with Nigel frequency n and Martin, who had been proved to be so incredibly exciting to hear. He had to admit that exploration will have a sort of secret world with the best of the many available bedtime fantasies ! Tom grabbed Alex 's hand and pulled him into the empty classroom. " Wot! " AlexHe said. " Look, we got 5 minutes before the last lesson begins," said Tom, "and that meant exactly that. Something that Martin is still around me the head.. " " do not worry about that, we've said all that again. " Alex said, "will not for us ? " "No. no, I do not " spose... but I still feel sorta guilty themselves. " " do not! guilty for what? Because it is in your pants as WOT? " Blushed Tom. " So I did! "Alex smiled and rubbed the front of his shorts !" If no seen some of the boys and thought oooohhh... I wonder what's in your pants ? " " Yes. as when I met you ! "Tom blushed again. " That is true! " " I do not start.. lawn! " " But WOT I said about him, a little to see big brother, that's true, as good.. I think if you would be luvly.. sorta not true, " " ? Yer, your right. Great to have someone like... more than they knew, the n , we could trust and that sorta. " " There is nothing wrong with his only son, "Alex paused to think," but is never anyone qus you want something you can not ask yer a parents right? " " No, you did it right. See, Simon can not ask how I can, " said Tom. " But if Martin wants to be friends, we all have someone that would not be able to see ? Y bet you confused, because on their own and do. " " The problem is that I want to say.. Just as we would like to play big brother to us! Do you think you Lolita Top List would do? Even if yer like a good old friend, it would be good ? " " Yer. That would do. " ", and he could play with our cocks! " Alex added mischievously. rang the lesson. " Come sit down now, I like this story, what now. "He said Alex. " Not only to care. " " I have avoided today, " Tom said quietly, " I could not face the right, you know. " " Yer, I understand. " Tom met Alex:" Well, I'll try to push tomorrow, then... and enter him back to his belt, yer... sorta and ask him? " ", please! "Is For the life of Tom and Alex happily simple, there is no real f problemsAss and are cared for by their parents. was Age of innocence, his little world, and to contract as such a surrogate older brother seemed to do just natural! school was over. For a change, it was the art that Simon made ​​his way and jumped off the bus first platform, and went down the street toward home. intentionally type allows a step ahead of Simon was kind of wandering wide to try to determine if the guy was not wearing underwear the day after Simon all had the task, which steal all there ! No. Surely, s ideas, art soon had a hand in your pocket, ask questions, usually never leave! A minute later, his wish granted as art actually thought it was time to see his cock reviewed. When Simon was waiting gray pants material suddenly withdrew his hand to explore teaching ends of the bag. There were no secrets, such as the cross kind of buttocks is the familiar pattern of elastic that ared, s probably a couple of Y- fronts. "Damn Damn " Lolita Top List Simon muttered to himself: "How the hell do I have to assume that should be steal all of his pants, when he still wears ' em! " n " WOT? " Art turned and smiled. "WOT are you? " The contour of your hands play with the soft head of his cock not eagle eyes missed by Simon. "Simon, do not talk to me.. or lost the fucking plot? " " Yo bitch" Lost! "Simon replied, " But yer cock looks good, " Simon gave him the sign of V " Hurry "It's very nice, nicer than the yours is so angry! "! ! "Said Art rupture, while Simon caught. Art has always been a in a hurry this time of day, he was waiting for their ritual straw after school ! But dare mention that in this new era of sexual freedom and honesty, with Simon ? No, perhaps not today ! A change of theme was the thing. " If Hey, I promised dad mowing when I got home today... do not feel as if you have... could be given a few bob ! " Simon drew : No". fuck you ! I have homework and I'm getting at is off the road. " "Shit ! Bloody clever clogs ! "Art playfully punched him in the ass. " Nice ass little they are! " ' Dirty Bastard, is all I think about it, right? Cocks and bums ! " " So do! Anyway, it's a nice little ass "Art hit back :" Do you want to show me? " " No, I'm screwed, no! " "Ugh ! " This was the signal for Simon to create something that he had worked to raise a few days, waiting for the opportunity. The time is now. " Hey, seriously.. so vague talking about today in school... " " noise "nailed that kind of attention, " WOT lazy ? " " Did you know that.. Uh Beac... never.. has.. hmmm... Lost art? had " Art blushed again and wait Simon does not notice. He dodged the question. " Why? WOT you Lolita Top List know? WOT 's school do you mean ? " " nuffin. Fair, "said Simon, " he asked. " of art was very excited. He met Simon in the ribs, there was more to this than the only comment. " WOT ask ? I know that if Lolita Top List you're doomed, " lying now... What is it? "Started Simon laughed, " We'll see.. This is so funny... there is a child Timmy as our year.. " " YER and. "Art was fascinated. " Well, Timmy says her father spanks her very hard.. if true naughty like. " kind in the left eye, ears, and imagination go hand in his pocket at full speed " Forward.. go.. How? I do not think you know him? " " I'm really not ! "Said Simon. Especially since he made them all! " Look, this is Timmy in my class, but I heard it's a good lawn dirty and masturbates in the back of the class! " " Mhhh ! "Art is definitely hooked," which can end? " " Oh, I do not know! But I think so, because I was about to be deleted finger in her stockings, which show no " do not know ' Spose to do a lot of sperm anyway," said detection Art of the s the information, " if, as it was at your age! " " Well, " continued Simon, " but not about his masturbation was about WOT I say it's the spanking. Yer, I heard him say : another child, " "Now go. "The art sounded really excited," said Wot'd is shown... I do not think the parents knew more! " " I'm not sure but I think it's WOT said - because I could not hear... sounded like his father does not need much excuse to grab him and. " " Cor " ", and how to undo and drag down the shorts children as part of off.. that sorta embarrassed that ` Spose " " Ooooh.. fuck! "Art is the display of a thirteen children, of a nude n father mad! " Yer, that is... and I think he also said.. Pope after sorta curves him Lolita Top List in the knee.. and Timmy is just the pants... the beating how! " " Ooooh... "Kind of sucked air between his teeth. His cock was hard as in the rock. " Really... fuck! So, then... Then spank him ? Can not.. To S? How often ? " " Yer, about a dozen who believe.. "Simon could not help noticing the form manipulations improved pocket and the difficulties we have now, laughs at his brother has just beend Lolita Top List the right to play up to handle. Tom and Alex would be proud is " The next piece, do not know if I believe him. " Simon said slowly : " 'because he said it was a big change on the same... the knees straight pants... even though it hurts.. sorta burned, I I think he said! Y.. " " Fuck ! "said Art. After three days of wearing the unique design and color is very , of your property is in the process, the first of a new absorption infusion of seminal fluid. "Cor, I wonder if he gets an erection? I guess so, what age? " Type imagination ran wild! " Like us, as in the second year. " N Simon, was that extreme control in terms of a movement in a straight line the face. He started a little as a means of releasing some of the suppressed cough a laugh. The art was in love with him. Now the best. ", art, do not know if I should say this.. here is better to say nothing s in the case of back to Timmy.. but I wonder if you think you n.. you think is possible? "" WOT WOT WOT.. Well... it's fucking possible?" Type of question really excited. " You can this little Timmy to show me some day? I want to see her short.. have to play with his cock in your pockets? " " Yer. " Simon nodded. of art is now in a world apart, displaying a pert little ass to some white tents written tight bent over his knees. I could almost you can feel the Lolita Top List body heat and the tramp boy squirmed as he put a fingers under the elastic of her underwear.. art out of his sleep, his dirty and fronts were now with a damp cloth precum. He asked excitedly, " How well.. WOT was never fucked.. You can not say yet! " " Well... " Simon was pulling, "said Timmy was in spanking his pants... as his father had.. can you believe it ? "wash kind. He was not alone when cum as 'shit And we all know Timmy said.. " " Oh yer! "Said Simon. " He seemed to say to this other child... can be that was like... ummm fault, 'Cause, as enjoyed, lost.. means that you expect this to be possible? " fault. Pleasure. Whatever! Art was as guilty as anyone! " could be.. I.. I have no idea! " Stuttering type. This story was the food of other thoughts dirty. " Well, I will not say anything or you Nige ? "N " Of course not. " " And I want to see... must point to me! " Nodded Simon and coughed again, to hide his laughter. Type tries to hide his bulging trousers behind his backpack, since n came to the door the garden. "Anyway we are home and now I have to do the damn lawn.. You have the keys yer ? " nodded Simon and the front door. open boy s immediate reaction to stay at home was to remove her school sack and throwing them overboard. Then, in the case Simon found some chopping and cutting in the event of art as a rule in your bedroom to straw fast! "Mom, we're home," said Simon goes off to search the kitchen something to eat. silence. "Whither," he asked looking type Aroumeetings of the room. "Shopping with blood," Simon shouted from the kitchen : "There is a note n here. Let's say it again the fifth 00th.. but I can not read the rest it " " Let's take a butcher. "said Art went into the kitchen, Simon found is between a couple of chairs at the edge of the kitchen table n leaned to read the written notice. Art was on their side, and peeked over his shoulder. "You fucking idiot... Simon says turn the damn oven to seventh place if I'm not back by five! " N "This is good, then at least it's the tea! Cor says that a bitch? "Simon was laughter. " Fuck you ! " Art brought him : " Oh hang it otherwise... I see.. " folded n With this type before, and Simon pressed against the table. then very fast and hard as he grabbed her by the waist and pushed him forward that was trapped between the table and the type of hard cock. ".. You bastard, you have a damn hard !" Chuckle, Simon said : " That I go... I have homework," r just artammed his cock harder on the back gray shorts, "Fuck n yer work... I see your ass little bitch... and that.. s only hit as Timmy dirty little sod ! " " no, no, "said Simon still fighting, " WOT on the lawn for dad... " " Fuck the lawn! " are Simon whispered in his ear : "I want your ass! " While they were laughing and Simon was a kind of escape get down with his free arm, put his right hand, between Simon legs and to the cup of his crutch with his fingers ! n " You dirty bastard.. you're tough as well! " he said gently exploring the front of his shorts. "So it's you! " Simon replied, " Oh, shit... I'm enjoying this ! " " You're just bloody wait !" Crutch Rate published Simons and tried of to build your way up the leg of his shorts. Simon was writhing in pleasure as the art of short fingers finally found his way to his underwear. Seconds back of the fingers had been forced under the elastic tight and hi gently scrapes hairless scrotum. "Art.. please.. just a minute! " " WOT? " Order a pause, "I'm not hurt or nothin ' ? " "No , no! "Simon said," I was about to say that if me.... I'm not going to escape, but why not go for me in the front bedroom, then there can see \\ \\ n if Mom or nothing back, "smiled type:" You dirty sod I am, " ' Fuckin ' hot mind... So I'm letting go Let " " OK!... but I get your shorts and then follow with n ' em! " before Simon had time to accept that he too was there, his written Woollie stores partially covered by wrinkled shirt tail. He was vulnerable strange, but very excited. He joined Lolita Top List to shorts " !.. And then.. so, " Simon said," I am loved by you n age! " art was really surprised " shit.. did not know why did not you say, something? " " I thought I 'd say to hell! " Art grabbed him. "Silly bastard... I do not really know, right? " " No, but I would like very much. "Simon looked up. " Yes, I 'm not exactly what you might think... I know I 'm a dirty, however, , there is also much more to me. " N " you mean like.. " Simon chose his words carefully, "the little fraternal n that? " "Something like this, especially recently, as many things. " kind detained. I did not want to open your feelings. "Hey, we have We bring mum'll or home! " Simon Arts burden was to show pants, " I can ? " " at any moment. " Art nodded and smiled. " It never is, I Lolita Top List suspect n get'm to do in your shorts for the past year, I missed my hands little dick and ass for days! " "Fuck " That was a revelation. "Art.. why do not you ever talk about it? " " ` I do not know... I spose I have my colleagues, like you have. " Type stop, " I no I think it was like, ' cause even when I was younger... and I do not spose n , obviously, not playing with yer tail... how do you do now ! " "I do this for centuries," Simon blushed "But unpaiddeal with front of anyone ! " " You have to care for, but not now! " " It's so obvious, "said Simon nervous. " for me.. and perhaps Dad, do not miss much! " Simon watched in horror :"Dad! " " Anyway, it was then that I started a... HHMM... attention ! " Art laughed, " We know we know.. so lets get this or I will go down and press mum'll back, before we can say... straw! had " s the first time that Simon the opportunity to strip his brother, his hands s looked nervously as the Lolita Top List support for the closing. Pants dent obscene, pulling down zipper releases the pressure and instead pee stained white cotton panties were kind of pushed everything to upright. Simon saw that his pants fell down, it became art No they fell at his feet, then slowly out of them. occurred The true state of his writings was released three days now. Simon was back, looked and smelled ! "Fuckin 'hell kind.. look at the pants... that fuckin dirty. Y.. Look at this! "Simon was to show glistening wet patch that was in spite of all the other urine and semen stains ! " If you do not clean? " That was definitely Lolita Top List a rhetorical question ! kind grunted and ignored it. giggle is not supported yet, but wouldn ` t Simon takes on the character type grim pants clearly his agitation. Art was the same as his spirit was something else. " Come on then, up the stairs of bleeding before mom gets back. " seconds later fell into Simon 's room to launch their rule clothes on the floor. Art sat on the bed and stroked his notes to be Simon to sit beside her. " I have an idea.. " kind eyes shone. " WOT? " Is Simon so happy, art, treated him as a sexual equal. All of your inhibitions were gone, his hand rubbing the front of his open letter the tail. " Oi! Not you dare cum yet!" Art saw. "Save It" s "However, the art, he forgets that I can not finish, " Simon smiled : " So no, so that the semen things, but you can keep gOing to the dry, and four in a row! " " Shit... you boy ! No wonder it was sore the other day " Art is smile:" I forgot to do the WOT was like " "... Oooh ! first very soon! "Simon had to go for it ! "No! Bloody wait... First I want to do this! " Art was put up, turned around and leaned white shirt unbutton the Simon School to start. No, crutch came almost in the face of Simon. Simon sniffed for resist, could not. the air was heavy with the smell of the teen sex, cum dry and urine, but above all the art of living in my underwear. Enter quickly looked up and smiled : "We're a damn dirty pair is not that ? " Simon nodded. That was unbelievable, unimaginable even by your imagination standards. Could not all big brothers with great care and love, as art ? Truth was. Simon was very happy. with the art is still playing for the club could not resist Simon more, and kind of grabbed her waist and pulled to his face. right in order to paTCH lips translucent material with a tail of the head Simon expected to be separated. However, rubbing through his pants n sucked the precum hot through cotton. "... oh... fuck ! " Rarely has trapped the art of words. For once, Simon was under control. The art did not care. Suction extraction precum both the type of glue and cotton impregnated, had his other part of the serpent in the way in the baggy pants style attack. using elastic Simon did not resist and soon ran the little finger up and down is a kind of crack in hot, sweaty ass. Simon thought he knew what he n to happen, not knowing that the art had other ideas. " Fuck. You have done this," Art said between gasps. "I love you dirty pants, no! " " Mmmmhhh " "I'm going to end soon, if you keep going... oh shit... ohhh !Stop!" art is sounding tight and clenched buttocks and anticipation n. " Mmmmhhh... " " Yes, I beat you... oh shit... please stop before.. " ' Cum! " Simon the softened material posted and looked with a smile. N He licked his saliva dripping all sectors. I knew a mix delicious stale urine, semen and now dry precum. Simon said nothing s, because this was clearly the large-scale fraternal love. flickered a couple of times, something that did not go unnoticed by the art. with an impending orgasm type could not longer afford to wait! in one swift motion , was back in bed and pulled Simon over his knee, so that their n mogul Simon was drooling cock of the hips, as if lost! smiled n kind, " first... this! " Simon was laughing uncontrolably," WOT? " Art began his hands on Simon 's underwear with a special race care No, pushing the material into her tight ass while cupping the bag under the other hand. " I hope you fuckin ' lazy cleaner ! " " Wot! You're fucked, no! " " Wait, damn me! " kind of change now slipped his hand into the pants of Simon and was gradually amassed his hARD tail between his fingers. " Well, I'm not going to hurt you. " Leaky faucet kind of pushed her hips against Simon, the feeling of wet sticky annoying Simon. "We must say, if I that hit very hard.. are you okay ?" Smiled Simon: "If you keep getting into my side stand with yer as will run in yer pants " " ! Mmmhhh, I know! innit fun! " suddenly stopped without warning, kind and gentle massage has been replaced by three blows at the bottom Simons n "fuck oh... fuck, that hurts ! " "pretend it is! " Art replied quickly, his other three slaps ! "I am going to rub better! " This type of massage to restart the bum of Simon. He also met with in the queue Simons hip as it is the tip of hard rubs Simon dick with your other hand. "Fuck... is... oh crap I am..... " " Oh, no, you're screwed, no!" Said fixed way before the delivery or three strokes of the sting. " Not so hard... it hurt!" " Sorry, I have to re- rub better! Not I?"Type the same procedure repeated four or five times, drag and masturbate Simon n between the ears. " You see a little red ass !" He said as he chuckled art leaned back pants Simon. " Wot! " Sounded alarmed Simon " Now who is there to see idiot, I prefer to see it! " Art was still chuckle, as he pressed his hand over his pants back Simon. Gradually he was tapping on the bottom between the legs, running his fingers gently on the n in the bottom of the valley some heat in search of a specific place " I imagined the poor here too... you do not mind ? " " Ooohh noooo ! " the art was both willing Simon ass, while the other was entering n being busy handling his small penis. Simon did not care, they only answer s the effort. He grunted as he liked, it seemed, is a strange burning sensation that way again, he had managed to organize of his rigid penis. The beating had assured her butt is very sensitive art and hello soft touchs cock felt as if the fire feelings experienced very new and very nice. Very good slowly and thoroughly explored its crack. Simon does not listen, if you whispered as follows: " Let's get together and I s really, really want to end, if it is for me," removal of the hand of Simon 's pants, he looked in his second toe art Lolita Top List before it rubbed in their own writings to cover with warm precum n. Simon was so relaxed that there was little resistance that art pushed the well-lubricated finger into the sphincter slightly bent entered. the detection time was shortly before they even ejaculate, took Simon type good and started to fuck her against her thigh slip viscous Simon as his fingers went to work at the behest of spongy prostate. the hand of his s other had taken over the entire length of a little hard cock Simon and Art began to masturbate on her. In the excitement of the previous games, it was found less than a minute before the art HIMS If you groan when he crashed his swollen cock Simons thigh. Inevitably, with the intense feeling of his cock slide in your underwear soaked in semen, art not able to control himself and began to slimy spit in his charge. In the whirlwind of his orgasm, he pulled Simon very close to him and press the flow of hot cum of cock s his own will on all sides. Simon after being brought to the brink away, however, when Simon began an orgasm triggered by the art feeling hot, wet brave pants from sliding across your thigh. Simon had a monumental climax in his little body almost seemed to cramp, while moaning and writhing around the art in the uterus. To say that the two boys had to overcome was an understatement! Simon seemed to barely conscious after frenzied climax and art was completely searched exhausted fell forward on top of his younger brother with both hands or Simon 's pants ! It was several minutes before finally Art surfaceced, opened his eyes and joined the study from the scene. that smiled and looked at Simon was on him, however, breathing heavily, eyes closed. hand to remove the rear sliding Simon goes back to the on the bed and pushed him against his own underwear. There were more than saturated value, now soft cock squeezed in any mucus , brought his finger and licked it ! Remove the hand of his s other of the front of Simon 's pants and tail, which is now rather small noticed something on his fingers ! He smiled and raised his hand to his lips. He was right, it was! Simon had s Your first real orgasm, now wonder who was moaning n squirming so much! By a kind of minutes sitting and suddenly account that there were tears on his face. He was with other emotional problems the experience of fellowship, later this looks too a times! He was instrumental in childhood leaves Simon Next, a young man, though still very young! Be forgotten one day, or. Type wiped his face and pushed hard between the cheeks of her butt Simon " Oi... that little bastard... you cum !" Type voice cracked, that rubbed his eyes back. " Wot! " Simon just with their n " I said, you fuckin 'cum !" Type fingers pushing down on Simon s face, "Lick ' em... 's yours... is yer fucking pants! " ' Wot! " ' Fuckin 'cum innit! " kind Simon suddenly rolled and sat in bed as if a n ! shock kind smiled and put his arm around him, "You're a real little man now," Simon could not believe it. He moved to the front of the writings and watched a couple of drops of cloudy fluid stick to the white do cotton until the end of his penis shrunk. He turned to look at art and wrapped his arms around him, " I can come... " hold kind could mourn over. "Yer, you can! " " Hey!" Said Simon. "But why are you crying ? " "I can not fucking know!" said the art "Because.. sort.. " ", which causes a stupid bastard ! " Simon said, then laughed. The looked back," Hey, you better go do all sperm sticky pants full of them ! " This brought him home to change what if ? Art had given all further back and only had what was " Oh, shit ! "Said Art up and grabbing his pants, " Yer, ' of course better do it now. " smiled at Simon, still staring at the front of his pants in the disbelief as he left the room. " Oi, and now you're a real asshole little... better leave it for a few hours before trying again or fall ! " " Wot! "At first, Simon looked with horror, and then smiled. " Hey, I am a right stupid! " Back in his own room, wondering what to do. Very soon opted for a the plan, mainly due to the fact that he was the gym the next day that he knew driven n could not be seen without underwear again! first thing he did was take From underwear smelly, sticky and put on your jeans with the terrible rough seams, then drop into the bathroom and wash the offense shorts. Washing clothes was not one of his strongest attributes, however, he very happy to have shampoo to wash her ​​hair. they do not have maybe not so clean, but at least it smells good ! as , which is dry at the time of the morning hanging on the the back of his coat was another matter ! ############### ############################# ############### ###### chapter 29 to follow
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